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Special Thanks to Paul A. Lombardo

Alison White and Ina Hofland, staff members of Historical Collections & Services at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia, created this Web exhibit. They also created the physical exhibit of the same title on which it is based. The physical exhibit was displayed in the foyer of the Health Sciences Library April-September 2002. Steve Stedman designed the Web exhibit. Special thanks to Sara Huyser, Joan Echtenkamp Klein, Ophelia Payne, Bart Ragon, Hal Sharp, and Mike Wilson for their assistance.

We would also like to thank and acknowledge a large debt of gratitude to Paul A. Lombardo. He generously lent us his time and expertise, as well as access to his personal collection of materials about eugenics and Buck v. Bell; neither the Web exhibit presented here nor the physical exhibit that was displayed in the Health Sciences Library’s foyer would have had nearly the depth and insight into the entwined stories of eugenics and Carrie Buck without his counsel. He has lived with the story of Carrie Buck since he first met her in Charlottesville, Virginia, a meeting that was fortuitous. Although she died shortly after their meeting, Lombardo became her champion and ensured that justice was eventually done for Carrie and others like her, who had suffered at the hands of adherents to the pseudo-science of eugenics.

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Web Exhibit Publish Date: February 13, 2004

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