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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 8)

Box 206, R.D.#1
McKeesport, Pa.
February 22, 1946

Dear Miss Beery,

I sure appreciate getting the letter from you
but do wish you could give me a little more
information about my son’s death. Are you one
of the nurses that took care of him?

I had two nice letters from his captain; I wrote
and asked him if my son was conscious before he
died and what really caused his death, but didn’t
get an answer to that. I thought of course it
was because the war wasn’t over and he couldn’t
tell me, so I sure would be glad if you could
answer those questions for me.

That sure was a terrible shock on me, as the
first telegram said slightly wounded, then in two
days we received the word of his death.

One of the boys who was with him, who was from
our town, came to see me and said that as far as
he could find out Morell was shot in the leg, but
I certainly would feel better if I knew exactly
what happened that he died so soon. His captain
did tell me he was more seriously wounded than
they knew when they sent the first telegram. We
all sure miss him (my daughter, her three children
and I all live together).

He was only in the army nine months – he left
May 8th and died February 9th. He sure was a
good boy to his mother and I often wonder why he
was taken when I needed him so much, but I guess
God knows best, and we will have to bear our
burdens the best we can.

So, Miss Beery, if you could give me any more
light on his death I sure would be very grateful
to you. Hoping to hear from you real soon, and
thanking you so much for writing, I remain

Yours very truly,
Sgt. Morell Emberg’s mother
Elizabeth M. Emberg

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/011

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