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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 9)

Miss Gertrude Winkel
3319 W. 60th Place
Chicago 29. Ill.
Feb. 23, 1946

Dear Capt. Beery:-
This morning my
mother Mrs A Winkel
received your very kind
and thoughtful note,
regarding the care and
comfort of my baby
brother while in the
hospital in Italy.
Mother has asked me
to write you, and thank
you for being so sweet,
and kind enough to
write to a family who
has suffered very much
this past year. Ray was
struck in the head and
neck on the 12th Feb. 1945

and passed away on the
13th. You are the only
person who has written
to us concerning Ray.
I mean of course, that
we were all anxious to
hear from someone who
was with him at the
time when he did need
some one most. I do not
know how you obtained
our name, or whether
you were with him at the
time of death.?
I know that you wrote
“no additional information
can be given.” It has been
some-time now, and each
individual case cannot be
recalled. Could you tell me

if the army keeps a record
of each case, the operation
performed, and the cause
of death.?
It would give us so
much satisfaction to know
that he was attended
by a Catholic Chaplain
before death, receiving the
last rites etc., And that
he was not alone when
he passed away. You know
how it is with the families
of these poor heroes, they
are so far away, and the
little information that they
receive is hardly worth
Tell me Miss Berry were
you in the same hospital

over in Italy?
I do not wish to impose
upon your merciful heart,
but I know that if you
are able, and have the
time you will drop me a line.
Once again our family,
each and every one of us
wishes to tell you how
sincerely grateful we are
for your very great kindness
and goodness of heart.
Thank you again

I remain,
Ray’s sister
Gertrude Winkel

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/012

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