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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 7)

[East Liverpool. O.]
22, Feb. 1946.

Capt. Ruth Beery:- I received
your letter of consolation; and
it is a great comfort to know
that Paul was taken care of in
a hospital. We were informed
that Paul was pronuced [pronounced] dead
when he arrived at the hospital
10 minutes after the accident. Sever-
al of his Buddies are home now
& they don’t want to talk about it.
He was with the 337th Engrs.
Do you remember about him or
do you have a list of names or records

to go by. I am wondering why
it has been so long hearing
from some one. It has been 2
years the 14th of Jan since his
death. Did you just return to
the States? I could ask a
million questions but it is im-
possible for you to answer them.
I had 3 sons James was 21 when
he entered the service in 1941 and
saw service in the S. W. Pacific.
He was discharged after 33 months
after contracting malaria & Asthma
Paul entered the service when he
was 21 in 1942. He had 6 months train-

ing & was shipped over to Italy.
He had about 10 months over seas
service & now our youngest Son
is in the Service. He is at Camp
Lee Va. in the Q. M. 52nd Co.
8th Bn. He enlisted for 3 years.
& has been in since June 3. We
miss him very much. I have a service
flag in the window a gold star a
discharge emblem & a blue star
for Gerald. Is Charlottesville any
where close to Richmond Va? I want
to thank you for writing and I
would love to hear from you again.
Would it be possible to call you
Long Distance?
Mrs. Muriel Myler

[envelope marked "ans"]

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