Websites Related to Walter Reed and the Yellow Fever Commission

The following websites and web-based materials are either directly related to Walter Reed and/or the Yellow Fever Commission or contain information about people involved with the history and iconization of Walter Reed and yellow fever. This is not a conclusive list, but simply a limited selection that may be edited over time.


Gillett, Mary C. The Army Medical Department 1865-1917. Army Historical Series. Washington, D. C.: USGPO, 1994. [This is an excellent resource for obtaining an overall view of the United States Army and all the significant players at that time.]

Mariño, Carmen Arocha. “La economía y la Salud Pública en Cuba en la década de 1940.” Rev Cubana Salud Pública 24 (2000) : 128-133. [Note: In Spanish.]

Serrano, Elena López. “Revista de Medicina y Cirugía de La Habana (1896-1951).” ACIMED 7 (1999) : 45-49. [Contains biographical information on Dr. Jose A. Presno Bastiony. Note: In Spanish.]


(These websites were used to verify names, events, and dates in parts of the exhibit.)

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