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Paulus, Aegineta (625?-690?)

Pauli’ Aeginatae Praecepta salubria. Argentorat: ex aedibus Mathiae Schurerij…, 1511.

Pauli Aeginetae Medici opera…. Lugduni: Apud Gulielmum Rouillium…, 1589. Fulltext online, 1542

Paulus Aegineta, …Praecepta salubria, title page
Paulus Aegineta, …Praecepta salubria. The title page shows the title arranged in a centered style. It lists only the author and “interpreter” (translator). The printer is not named.
Paulus Aegineta, …Praecepta salubria, SigB1 close-up
Paulus Aegineta, …Praecepta salubria. Close-up of historiated initial of a young woman’s face. Notice the plant visible in the background.

The last important physician from the School of Alexandria, Paul of Aegina was, like the other Alexandrines, a compiler of medical knowledge whose work was consulted and printed in the Renaissance. Paul was especially renowned for his skill as a surgeon of the genitalia and for his knowledge of heart diseases. His work shows what surgery was like in the seventh century, especially in the areas of eye surgery, dentistry, obstetrics, and military surgery.

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