This exhibit was sparked by the interest of the late Dr. M.C. Wilhelm in the model of the Anatomical Theatre housed in Historical Collections at the University of Virginia Claude Moore Health Sciences Library. A retired surgeon and volunteer in Historical Collections, Dr. Wilhelm gathered resources and did preliminary writing. It was decided to further develop the project, and the result is this exhibit, written and organized by Janet Pearson, a Historical Collections staff member. Originally done under the direction of Joan Echtenkamp Klein, who was the Alvin V. and Nancy Baird Curator for Historical Collections until her untimely death, project support was continued under Dan Cavanaugh, who stepped into Joan’s role and position.

The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library is a treasure trove of information and images. In particular, they house the wonderful letters to and from Dr. John Staige Davis, the 19th-century anatomist and professor. Others associated with the University of Virginia community freely shared their ideas and research. These individuals include Garth Anderson, the Facilities Management Historian; Kirt von Daacke, Assistant Dean and Professor, College of Arts & Sciences; Louis Nelson, Professor in the Department of Architectural History and Associate Provost for Outreach; Robert Bloodgood, Professor in the School of Medicine; Benjamin Ford, Principal Investigator with Rivanna Archaeological Services, LLC; and Sonya Coleman, formerly a staff member in Historical Collections and now at the Library of Virginia. Emily Bowden, the Historical Collections Specialist, answered many technical queries as well as gave editorial assistance. Anson Parker and Jason Bennett provided the programming architecture for the Web exhibit.

Anatomical Theatre Model

Anatomical Theatre Model. Photo by Emily Bowden, Historical Collections, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.

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