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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 38)

Hobson, Texas
March 21, 1946.

Captain Ruth Beery
Dear friend
This is in reply to your letter recieved [received]
February 20 in regard to my brother
S/Sgt Oscar W. Koenig
It gives us much comfort to know
he was cared for in a hospital by
doctors and nurses although there are
many things we will never know
about how he met his death
He was wounded June 5, 1944 most
likely in the outskirts of Rome this
being one day after Rome fell. The
telegram we recieved [received] stated that he
was only slightly wounded, which
gave us high hopes for his recovery
Then 8 days later we recieved [received] another
saying he had died of wounds. It was
rather hard to understand why he died of
slight wounds when others we know
lived after being serously [seriously] wounded. Of
course mistakes can be made in sending
telegrams and complications could have
set in too.
We thank you from the bottom of

our hearts for being so kind to write
us as this is the only word recieved [received]
outside of those two telegrams from
Uncle Sam. Any additional information
which you might know would be
deeply appreciated. Of course we can
understand that nurses can’t remember
from so long past unless his case
should have been a very outstanding
My father has been very ill but is
much improved so that is why
I am writing instead. We would
be glad to hear from you again and thanks
a million. I remain

Lillie Koenig

[envelope marked "ans"]

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