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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 37)

Mar. 18 – 1946.
San Antonio Texas.

Capt. Ruth Beery.
Charlottsville [Charlottesville], Va.
Dear Friend:-
I will try as best I can
to let you know how much we
apprecitated (appreciated) your kind letter, and
the information you gave us about
our Darling Son Pfc. Samuel E. Lucas.
For days and nights, we wonder,
if he had the right care, and all
that could have been done, was
done for him, as he lived four days
after he was wounded.
We hope and pray he never knew
any thing or suffered in all those
terriable (terrible) long four days and may
be nights. That has been our
night mares and thoughts all along.

Some times we think we would like
to know more, how he was wounded,
and where, but of course we know
it was bad enough to take his life.
We do know it was so hard to care
for them on the Battle Front, but some
tell us, they never let them suffer
any, when they saw they could do
nothing. But I do want to let
you know that just that much in-
formation from you was a great
help and a comfort to us.
I hope that we may hear from
you again, and God Bless you
in all your work and the work that
you did. I know you do not want
or expect any praise, because you
felt you did so little, when you saw
so many suffer and die, but just
to know that you knew our Son,
and was with him to the end
is a great comfort to us-

But you will be rewarded, but
not here.
Please let us hear from you
again, and again I thank
you for your nice letter.

Your loving Friend,
Mrs. Alta Lucas
San Antonio Tex.
May God Bless and keep you.

[envelope marked "ans"]

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