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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 34)

Altoona, Ala
March 12, 1946

Dear Capt. Beery
Thank you for your letter. In regard
to answering your letter I will start by
asking you these questions, first did
my son know any thing and talk any
after he was wounded? Second do
you know if he got an identification
bracelet while he was in the hospital
before he died? We got every Xmas
present that we had sent him back,
except the bracelet and I didn’t know
but what he might have gotten it. So
if you can answer those questions I
would appreciate it very much, but if
you can’t that will be all right,
because I know and realize you aren’t
able to tell any thing.
Yes, I realize that the doctors and

nurses did a great and wonderful job
for our boys in the Armed forces, because
there are quite a few that wouldn’t be here
today if it hadn’t been for the great care
that you nurses and doctors [gave]. Thanks
to you.
I’m very proud that my son wasn’t
allowed to suffer and I’m sure that he
was given the greatest of care.
From the pictures I’ve seen of the
Military Cemeteries, they are kept beautifully.
I just imagine that it was kinda [kind of]
impossible for you to keep a complete record
of all the boys.
Thanking you again for your kindness
Hoping to hear from you again. May God
Be With you Always is my prayer to you.

Mrs. Emma J. Wilson

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/037

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