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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 35)

Mar. 12. 1946
Fall River Mass

Dear Cpl Breery
I have recived [received] your letter and
was very glad to hear from you
it one year ago Feb. 6 that my
boy went away I was so glad
to get this letter I’ll like to thank
who ever gave you my address
you’ll never know the joy in
my heart the day I got it.
it made me nearer to my son
he may be gone but never
forgetting by me there is neve [never]
a days pass that we don’t said
his mane [name]
I had his son over the week end
he is 3 year old and went [when] we show
him his dad picture he say
that my daddy and kiss it

and set on the chair and rock it
he looks so mush [much] like his dad.
couse [course] the baby is only one year old
I don’t have him mush [much] he neve [never]
seen his dad. she remarry and
I try not to go only went [when]she
need me were still fried [friends] I never
meet him yet.
Oh forgive me for telling you
all this you know how it
is if at any time your [you're] this
way please come to see me
I’d love it and thank the one
that gave you my address I
love to thank them my self if I
could. I’ll close now May God
bless you and a lot of luck to
you. a lot of thank for your
letter write again

senserely [sincerely] your
Mrs B[lanche] Levesque

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/038

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