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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 28)

[Anoka, Minnesota]
March 8, 1946

Ruth Beery
Dear Madam,

We rec’d your letter yesterday and
was very pleased to hear from
you in regards to our Son
Wayne, Will you please ans [answer] these
questions What was the cause
of Wayne’s death how bad was
he wounded and on what date.
was he counsious [conscious] at any time
after entering the hospital what
cemetary [cemetery] is he buried at? We
appriceate [appreciate] very much the information
you have given us, and if
you come to Rochester in the
1st part of April our Son is
on his way to Camp McCoy, Wis
and he is going to take his
mother to Rochester after he
gets his discharge and comes home,
he was stationed with the Troop
Carrier Wing in Korea has been
in the Service three years was the
5th of March. every time we rec [receive] a
letter about Wayne his mother dreams

about him that he is alive.
it makes it very hard for her
when you come to Rochester be
sure and write us and we will
try and see you. I don’t know
Just how far it is from Anoka,
will you please send me the
names of some of the nurses
that took care of Wayne? Mrs. Bradley
wish you would send us a snap
shot of your self in your uniform.
if you will please we will try
and not bother you any more and
if its possible to get to Rochester
while you are there we sure
would like to talk with you
hoping to hear from you soon
and again we wanto [want to] thank you
for writing us yours Truly

Mr John H. Bradley
Box 305, Anoka, Minnesota

Box/Folder: 33/031

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