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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 26)

Linden, New Jersey
March 6, 1946

My Dear Capt. Brown,
I want to thank you for your kindness and
courtesy in writing such a nice letter to me reassuring me
of the fine care given my son Stanley.
As you must realize, knowing that our Stanley
will never come home is a terrible, terrible shock to
us and we just can’t get ourselves to face the truth.
My two older sons William and Charles are both home now,
but the “Baby” of our family is missing and it leaves a
sadness that will never be dispelled.
If possible I would like to talk to you on the
phone to thank you personally for the interest you
have shown and to hear whatever you may have to say
regarding the actions of Stanley and his buddies. We covet every
scrap of news we have of our son – and just talking to you – would be a
dear memory to me. Would you give me your phone number if you
have one – Capt Beery – and let me know for how long you expect to be home.
Thanks again for taking time out to write such a
kind letter. It really is wonderful to find such heart-felt
interest from one I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting and it
sure is appreciated – very, very, much -

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. F. Nezgodowitz

Mrs. Frances Nezgodowitz
128 Maple Avenue, Linden, New Jersey

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/029

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