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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 22)

Miss G Winkel
3319 W. 60th Pl
Chicago, 29. Ill.
March 1, 1946

Dear Capt. Beery:-
The information you
have been so kind to give
us has helped a great deal.
Just to know that our darling
had skilled care, and that
some-one was with him
certainly gives us a little relief.
We are thankful that he
died in a bed, and not
on the cold ground.
One of the chaplains wrote
to me, I believe his name was
Father Marlowe. He said
he traveled back to the hospital
where Ray was, and found
that he had passed away
after an operation was

performed. He also mentioned
that the doctor thought
he would pull through, but
complications must have
set in.
I don’t expect you to recall
any-thing about the men.
I know you had so many
of these good men under
your skilled care. And I
hope the nurses, and doctors
realize that the family
of each one of the boys,
will be eternally grateful
for their untiring service.
They often think of the
difficult task they had.
I certainly wished that
had I been a nurse, I

too might have served.
Three days after we received
the sad notice from the
War Dept. we received a
package from Ray, with
a large photograph of
himself, inclosed [enclosed] in
frame with glass and all.
And a last gift to his mother
a string of beads.
Some of his buddies had
taken pictures out there, and
Ray had promised to send
some. I do wish I could
get in contact with some-one
who has those snaps.
Well I do not want to
take up more of your time
so I will thank you again
for your kindness,

P.S. If you ever visit
Chicago, You will be more
then [than] welcome at our home.

Box/Folder: 33/025

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