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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 21)

Feb 29 1946
Rout # 5
S. C

Dear Miss Berry
I dont know how to thank you
for writing me It sure does
help to know that my son
Joseph had the best of care
and to have someone like
you to write and tell me
about It helps a lot Wish
I could meet and talk with
you We have a D_R pool
that was In Italy did you
know him I cant seame (seem)
to think of any words that
are right to thank you

for writing me about Joseph
he had wrote me a letter the
7 and he was killed the 9th
letter was cheerfull [cheerful] he had
been to see his buddy Odell
Vaughn he was In the
hospital at rome he Is here
at home now both of his
legs was taken off above
the nees [knees] you should see him
walk and see how cheerfull [cheerful]
he takes It let me thank
you again and again and I
remain yours truley [truly]

Mrs Ethel M Moore

Box/Folder: 33/024

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