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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 20)

[Minneapolis, Minn]
Feb 28, 1946

Dear Capt Ruth Beery-
I was very surprised to recive [receive]
the not [note] you sent me telling me about my
dear son. I’m very thankful to you for
writing & letting me know that he was
cared at hospital. I was always woundering [wondering]
where did my son die, but now I’m satis-
fide [satisfied] because I know. You wrote that no
additional information can be given. I
feel awful about that because I sure
would like to know what part of my
sons body was wounded. Day in & day out
I keep thinking if my son is lying in his
grave without an arm or leg or both; it bothers
me some thing awful. And another thing
is that I sure would love to know

where is my son buried. So please if
you can drop me a not [note] & let me know
at least how I could find out. Please
excuse my writing. I’m shaking all
over writing you these few words. I
want to thank you again my dear.
I’m sorry for not mentioning my sons name, it’s
Sgt Joe D. Fetzek, my son.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. A. J. Fetzek

Mrs. A. J. Fetzek
957 – 42 Ave N. E.
Minneapolis, Minn

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/023

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