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White Sulphur Springs: Company Bond, December 20, 1859

Papers of the Carter and Wellford family of Sabine Hall, 1650 (1736-1874) 1936, Accession #1959, -a, -c, #2658, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

This $500 bond of Robert Wormeley Carter was to be paid on January 1, 1862, with 8 percent interest paid semi-annually upon the surrender of the attached coupons. The coupons for 1860 and January 1861 have been removed, but the ones for July 1, 1861 and January 1, 1862 remain attached. The Confederate States of America were established on February 4, 1861, Virginia seceded from the United States on April 17, 1861, and joined the CSA in June 1861.

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