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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 52)

[Pittsburgh, Pa.]
May 14, 1946.

My dear Cap’t. Beery:
Due to a badly sprained
arm I was unable to write
and thank you for the lovely
answer to my letter. But I
sincerely thank you as I know
you are probably very busy
and to take time to answer
my letter is really very
Naturally it is the hope
of everyone who has lost loved
ones in this war to want to
find out everything possible
concerning them and of course
we are no exception. That is the
reason we would love to know
someone who knew Ralph, and
if at any time you had any in-
formation concerning him – no
matter how small – I would be
ever so grateful to you.
I do appreciate your letters
so, they are a comfort.
I noticed your letter was
post-marked, Rochester, Minn. and
was wondering if you were ever
sent to Pennsylvania. If so, I’d
like to extend an invitation to you

to visit us if you are ever in
Pittsburgh.  Allison Park is merely
a suburb of Pittsburgh and our
telephone is listed in the suburban
directory. So if at any time you
are near here, please do look us
Thank you again for your
interest. You can’t possibly know
how much it means to all of

Elsa Cunningham

Box/Folder: 33/055

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