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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 50)

Southmayd Tex.
May, 7, 1946
N. 741970

Copl Ruth Beery
309 Park Place
Charlottesville. Va.

Dear Miss Beery;
I am Mrs. Alvin Garner
I’m answering the letter
you wrote some time
back. Can you give
us any information of
our son’s death? all
we know is P.F.C. Clarence C.
Garner died of wounds.
do you know what
kind of injurys [injuries] and
did you learn to know
him personally. Im his
step mother, it was like

giving my own son up
he was like an own
son I helped raise him
he seemed like my own
he was so good. it was
so hard to give him up
he was prepared to go
made it easier on us
to give him up he was
barely 23 years of age.
ever [every] body loved him
that knew him. he
certainly was good to
me. [deleted words: also his three little]
I have 3 children of my
own you couldn’t tell but
what they were own brother
& sisters. If you know
any thing to write me

surely would appreciate
hearing from you if your [you're]
ever at Southmayd Tex
come to see me. we own
the Southmayd Tel. exchange
I operate it also keep my
house & three children
in School.  Mr Garner
works in the fire dept
at Perrin Field.
Hope to hear from you

You’rs Sincerely
Mrs Alvin Garner

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/053

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