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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 48)

[Reading, Penna.]
April 23, 46

Dear Captain Berry:
On Saturday last, I had the opportunity
of reading the letter you sent my aunt concerning her
son Francis, who was killed in action in Italy.
In the letter you stated that Francis
died in a field hospital, and that all possible aid
was administered to him. You wrote saying you wanted
to help ease her mind concerning her son.
There is one question we all would
like to know, and would appreciate it fully if you
could help. Did Francis ask you to write his
parents? He must have given you some information
as to his home and his parents so you could write.
His buddy came to see Mrs. Wolf upon his discharge,
and told her Francis was slightly wounded in the
leg, and took refuge in a stone home with a few other
wounded. This home later was hit by mortar fire and
crushed Francis, which resulted in his death. We
think Francis must have talked to you before he
died. If he did, would you please write Mrs Wolf
and tell her what he said? She is grieving for
her son, and I know it would ease her mind
greatly. And no matter what it is, you needn’t be
afraid of saying anything wrong, because she is
prepared for the worst.

So if there is any other information you
could give, please write Mrs Clayton Wolf at
336 Chestnut Street, Reading, Penna.

Thank You Very Much,
Leonard Steely

[envelope marked "ans"]

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