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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 42)

Lockport Illinois
March 31 – 1946

Capt. Ruth Beery,
Dear Friend:
I want to thank you for the
letter you sent me about my
Son, As from his last letter
we gotten, he hadn’t bin [been] sent to
a hospital.
The letter we receaved [received] from
the chaplen [chaplain] said his wons [wounds] was
not of a perminet [permanent] nature and that
he would be all right.
Then we had a letter from
our son, wrote eight days after
he had bin [been] wounded, Saying he
would be all right in a little
He was wounded in the left

side of his stomich [stomach], which was in
a very bad place we know.
But we are very glad to know
he had the doctor and hospital
cair [care], as you have said.
Thanking you very much for
the information you have sent.
and would surtanely [certainly] apprishate [appreciate]
any more you could send us. If
you have any more about our
We didn’t know any of his
Buddies, as he didn’t send us any
of there [their] address’es.
Due to sickness, I have neglected
to anser [answer] your letter sooner.
Thanking you again for your letter
of comfort, and do write again.

Mrs. Audrey Childress

Box/Folder: 33/045

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