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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 31)

Modesto Calif
Mar 10 – 46

Dear Ruth Beery
In Reply to letter written
to my Husband as nearest of kin to
P F.C. Joseph W Kelley Jr. His father passed
away in Aug. 43. soon after our son was
sent overseas
Im wondering about your letter. do you
know some one that knew him. Maybe
his Dr or nurse. was there a message or
I’ve learned so little about it all
of course it seems such a small thing
there are so many like me
But when it means your every day
life. have it all taken away its so

very hard to go on alone, and there’s
so many things one thinks. maybe you
could tell me his nurses name and
address or maybe that isnt allowed but
thank you for the letter any way and
all Good wishes from a Broken Hearted

Maude Kelley
Rte 1 Box 499
Modesto Calif

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/034

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