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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 25)

[Washington Depot, Connecticut
March 4, 1946]

Dear Miss Berry,
It was so thoughtful
of you to send me a letter.
I certainly appreciated it.
Two years ago last
Sunday my son passed away.
Someday I hope we can find
out how he was injured.
Malcolm wrote he had his
fingers hurt and that he
was in a hospital. Letters

from the government stated
he was on the recovery
list. Last a telegram stating
he had died from pneumonia.
Would you know the name
of the place where he died?
In the future I hope we
can find out the name of
the cemetery and the place
where he is buried.
If you could give me any
personal information about
Malcolm it would be

Most sincerely,
Carl E. Johnson

March 4 1946
School Street
Washington Depot

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/028

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