University of Virginia Historical Collections at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 2)

 [Charlottesville, Va
17 February 1946]

Dear Mrs. Cohen,
Your name was
given as the nearest of
kin to T/5 Theodore Cohen.
No additional information
can be given to that
which you have already
received, but it may be
of some satisfaction for
you to know that

T/5 Theodore Cohen was
cared for in a hospital
by doctors and nurses and
that everything possible
was done for his
comfort and recovery.
We felt that not
enough could be done
for the men who gave
so much.

Most sincerely,
Ruth Beery
Capt. anc.

17 February 1946
309 Park Place
Charlottesville, Va

Box/Folder: 33/004

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