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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 18)

Feb 25, 46
Roanoke Texas
Route one

Hello Ruth:
my Dad. recieved [received]
a letter from you yesturday [yesterday]
with a little imfermation [information]
about Meal’s deth [death]. Your
letter was appretiated [appreciated] by
all the family.
my daddy is old
and he can’t see how
to read or write so
I am answering his
letter for him. I am
a brother to Meal Jr,
just two years younger
then [ than] him. —
Ruth, did you know
Meal, or was you

around him when he was
killed??? – I thought
you may be on duty
when you write that
letter, or you could have
been over seas when
my brother got killed,
If you were over seas
when he got killed, maybe
you could send me some
home addresses of some
of the boys that was
in Meal’s company,
I would really like
to get in tuch [touch] with
some of the boys that
knew Meal in person,
I was in the

Navy in this war
and all my duty was
in the Pacific. —I
got my discharge Dec.
4th, and it really
feels nice to be a
civilian again. —
If you can send me
some home addresses
of any boys in Meal’s
company or maby [maybe] you
could send me some
names and their home
town, I can find
them if you can do that.

Sincerley [Sincerely]

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/021

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