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Nurse Ruth Beery: Correspondence with Next of Kin (Letter 13)

Madison Tenn.
Feb. 25th 46

Copl. Ruth Beery
Dear Miss Beery
I rec’d your letter concerning the death
of my son Pvt. Arthur E. Stark, who
died of wounds recieved [received] in Action in Itley [Italy]
Jan 26th 1944.
I was very glad to get your letter as we
had recieved [received] two versions of the way
he met death & as both come from
the war department, we hardily [hardly] know
what to think, I wrote his commanding
officer shortly after we was notified of
his death & the report I recieved [received] then
said he was evacuated to a hospital
& two days later he died with out
ever having regained consionous [consciousness]
(Died of scraphnel [shrapnel] wounds)

Then In October following they awarded
him the Silver Star medal & the Citation
that accompined [accompanied] that, said, “Though
painfully wounded, Pvt Stark remained
at his post & kept constanaly [constantly] testing
his lines (He was a switch board operator
in the Infantry)
Then two days later, (after the battle) his
comrades found him dead. He had been
wounded 4 times but was still at his
The thought of him dying a lone in
that fox hole for lack of attention has
been almost more than I could stand
for he was only a boy (19) & had never
been away from home only a few days
at the time when he enlisted.
He was our only son & such a nice boy.
He had only been in the Army nine months

the day of his death
I can hardily [hardly] realize even now he’s
Was you stationed in Itlay [Italy} at that time?
You do not say out-right whether you
waited on him or not.
If you did please write me every thing about
My son went over as a replacement troop
& of course went with strangers, & we have
never had any information other than
what we recieved [received] from the war. department
& a letter from the chaplain of his
I cant begin to tell you how much we
appreciate your writing us at this time &
would be so glad to hear from you again
if you have time to write
We sold our farm at Hendersonville after
Arthur was killed & moved into a small
town. Just a few miles from Nashville

Tenn., If you are ever stationed near
here we would be delighted to have
you come out to see us.
My family joins me in again thanking
you for your kindness in writing us
& wishing for you the best in Life

sincerely yours
Mrs. Madge B. Stark.
266 Neely’s Bend Rd.
Madison, Tenn

[envelope marked "ans"]

Box/Folder: 33/016

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