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American Red Cross Life Saving Manual

A Book for Lifeguarding and Swimming Instruction

Red Cross

The Life Saving Service of the American Red Cross published a little brochure—Life Saving Methods— which became know as “the lifesaver’s bible.”  As the Service gained experience and knowledge, however, a more complete textbook was needed.

In 1937, Life Saving and Water Safety was published as a resource for everyone, but especially as the textbook for swimming teachers and lifeguards.

The textbook has been updated regularly.  The latest edition is Swimming and Water Safety, 2009, and is available online. It contains the lifesaving instruction that leads to the important Red Cross Lifesaving Certificate.


Further Information
Swimming and Water Safety
The Latest Edition of Red Cross Water Safety Manual

Water Safety Tips
Current Tips from the Red Cross

Details about the book:  American Red Cross.  Life Saving and Water Safety.  Garden City, New York:  Doubleday, 1937, reissued 1956.