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White Sulphur Springs: Letter from G. W. Lewis to Armistead Nelson Wellford, P.S. February 23, 1867

The joint executors of the estate of Colonel Robert Wormeley Carter, 1797-1861, were E. J. Tayloe, George W. Lewis, and Dr. Armistead N. Wellford. This letter is between Lewis and Wellford and reveals the concern about the Colonel’s investment in White Sulphur Springs and the resultant liability on the estate.

Papers of the Carter and Wellford family of Sabine Hall, 1650 (1736-1874) 1936, Accession #1959, -a, -c, #2658, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

P.S. Feb 23, 1867

… I regret to hear of the insolvent condition of the White Sulphur Springs Company; and much more the probable liability of the Estate on account of Col Carter’s endorsements on certain bonds. When I attended the meeting of the Stockholders in 1862 & one subsequently, I feared from the exhibit that the property was too heavily burdened to pay its debts; and that so far as that was concerned the investment could prove a total loss. But I am surprised to learn that the independent debt for which Col C – with others became bound is so large. I remember at the meeting in Feb 1862 we made an esti- mate of each endorser’s liability & at then did not exceed $3500. But I am equally surprised to learn that Mr. Morton’s considered insolvent. This is certainly a heavy [unclear] upon the Estate. When we meet we must take council together in regard to the whole subject. Could you not prevail on Col Taylcoe to meet us at Sabine Hall whilst I am attending the Circuit Court in April? I think the sooner we look into the matter & come to some conclusion the better. …
Reserving other matters until I see you
I am very truly, yours-
G. W. Lewis

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