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Warm Springs: Letter from the Medical Director of the Army of West Virginia to Dr. J. H. Hunter, December 16, 1861

Dr. Hunter, after seeing action at the Battle of First Manassas, joined the Physicians Corps in July 1861. Warm Springs was apparently his first hospital. “In early September, Hunter received orders to establish a convalescent hospital in a house at Warm Springs, Virginia. For the next three months he hired nurses and cooks, tended to the sick, and completed the copious amounts of paperwork demanded by the Surgeon General’s Office. In December 1861 he was appointed to inspect and inventory hospital property at the three small hospitals in Warm, Hot, and Healing Springs. They were apparently being closed.” {1}

Warm Springs
Decr 16th 1861


You are hereby appointed Inspector of Hospital property at the Healing, Hot, and Warm Springs. you will compare the Inventories as received by the Medical Officer in Charge, with Articles now on hand and report to me in writing the damaged missing and Stolen Articles at the Healing Spring Hospital, you will See that the Hospital property (the property left after the proprietor has taken back what he and yourself agree upon) is properly Secured and locked up, you will do the Same at the two other Hospitals.
By Order of the Gen Commanding

Your Obdt Servt
Dr. J. H. Hunter             [name unclear]
Asst. Surg in charge Warm Springs Hospitals      Med. Dir. A. W. Va

{1} A Guide to the John H. Hunter Papers, Accession Number 166, A Collection in Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. Accessed June 23, 2010.

For more information about Hunter see Scope and Content Information in the Guide to the John H. Hunter Papers.

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