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Warm Springs: Letter from Robert E. Lee to Professor Charles S. Venable, July 6, 1866

Robert E. Lee and his wife visited many of the mineral springs of Virginia and West Virginia, including Rockbridge Alum Springs, Healing Springs, Rockbridge Baths, Hot Springs, White Sulphur Springs, and Sweet Springs.

Robert E. Lee, Letter to Charles S. Venable, 1866 July 6, Accession #5655-a, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

Lexington VA:
6 July 1866
My dear Col
… I will deliver your message to Curtis, but I do not think his present plan of a continuous journey on horse back west will admit of his going to Charlottesville. His health has been very bad this spring & I have advised his making the tour of the Springs, in the hope that some one of the waters may suit his Case. I shall myself take Mrs. Lee to the Rockbridge baths next week, & locate her there till the adjournment of the Bd of Trustees, & if she derives no benefit, will endeavor to Carry her to the Warm Springs. It will be necessary for me to be with her.… With my best respects to Mrs Venable
I am very truly yours,
RE Lee
Professor Charles S. Venable

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