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Hot Springs: Letter from John McLaughlin to Mrs. Mary O. McLaughlin, July 29, 1814

See also McLaughlin’s letter of August 5, 1814, to his wife from White Sulphur Springs

McLaughlin-Redd papers, 177?-1867, Accession #38-470, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

McLaughlin-Redd papers, 177?-1867, Accession #38-470, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library.

Hot Springs 29th July 1814
Dear Madame
I will commence my letter with what seems most inter[est]ing which is our health. It has been better since we left home than for many months. We arriv[ed] at this place to day from the warm springs which is 5 miles from these springs where we stopd on monday evening Harret made use of the Bath but once, owing to some person putting it in her head that it would be a disadvantage. I think I have receivd benefit from the Bath & Mr. Anderson is almost well. To morrow we start for the White Sulfer Springs which is 33 miles from this place and my Intention at present is to stay there about a week and then to go on to the Sweet Springs which I am told is the only springs Harriet can receive benefit from but it is necessary she should prepaire her stomach by the sulphur water. how long I shall tarry there is uncertain but is very desirous of being at home It has Rain.d every day since we came to the warm springs and we are now detaind this day by the wet weather I hope you have a plenty of rains to cut the crop of corn which I think will be much wanting in Virginia. pray make them save all the grass & clover seed you can have collected on the plantation and if the weather will admit have the wheat trod out Mr. Lesslie I expect wrote you whether or not it was worth while to send more flour down – too much care and Industry at home will be Impossible as I am great expence abroad Harriet has been very fortunate as yet meeting with Female Companions Since she left home but I think she feels mortified sometimes by not making as great an appearance as those with whome she associates. Should the sherriff apply for Taxes doct.r Anderson will be good enough to furnish you with money to discharge them – When you write Direct your letters to this place to the care of Cat. Benjm Thompson. I have much more to say but have such a pain in my head that I can scarcely write We had as pleasant a journey here as the roads would admit of this is the first time I have felt any extream pain since I left Jerico – I think Harriets cough is not so bad as it was when she left home – nothing new here of a Political nature. but we are in a new world which consists of Rocks and mountains-
Yos. affectionately John McLaug[lin]
PS You need not do as I have done (pay the pos[unclear] yr. Letters to make [unclear] JML
Fallow as much as possible

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